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How I found my Glow and so much more...

Recently I started researching and creating juice remedies and rejuvenators for my Glow On the Go menu, which I am so excited for. This part of the menu I am super passionate about. For almost a year now I have experienced the most amazing health and beauty of my life inside and out. I discovered the healing power of juice and by following a nourishing whole food diet, this lifestyle has enhanced my inner and outer glowing self. If you are thinking of making a change in your diet and want to get the glow everyone is talking about, I hope to inspire you with my story.

How I found my glow on the go and so much more...

With three young kids, you can imagine the germ flow in my house especially during cold and flu season.  It is no easy job taking care of three healthy kids, throw in three sick kids plus a sick mommy and you can forget about it.  This was the cycle that ran it's course every year and one person can only take so much of that, it was time to make a change but how? The day I stumbled on Joy Gross's book, I will never forget. I remember not looking for anything but what I was making for dinner that night and intern found something that eventually changed my life forever. Her book, Joy's Recipes for Living Younger...Longer by Joy Gross, an 80 year old Rhinebeck local, who recently jumped out of a plane and never needed to have a doctor inspired me to make that change. Her story gave me a new outlook on the way I viewed and consumed food forever. I was so excited to try what she was offering, I was ready, I had nothing to loose so I took the dive...just not out of a plane! That was almost a year ago and since then I have not looked back or had one cold (and I can say that with no regrets because I now know the secret)!!! For the first month, I became a vegan, I took out dairy, gluten, meat, refined sugar and carbs and alcohol. Joy suggests taking out caffeine too but because I don't drink it I did not have to take that out. I was very strict with myself because ultimately I wanted to see if by taking these things out of my diet I would get the same results that Joy talked so highly about in her book. That book became my bible and I carried it around everywhere for my go to motivation. It was hard for the first few days but then once I got into a routine with my green smoothies and figured out how to control my hunger it got easier. This can be challenging if your not at home and out because you get hungry very quickly when your not eating carbs. I learned how to plan ahead with my meals, this meant taking time to make my smoothies to grab on the go whenever I needed a boost of energy or felt hungry. I was satisfying my hunger with my smoothies and getting all the vitamins and nutrients I needed to keep me going all day.

This is what I consume in one day 7 days a week and have stuck with for the last year. I start my day off with a 16 oz glass of water with lemon or a fresh pressed green juice, then I have my glowing green goddess smoothie (GGGS) around 9. I blend kale, parsley, spinach, frozen banana, sometimes frozen blueberries or blackberries, kiwi, fresh squeezed orange, lemon, ginger, hemp or protein powder, coconut water and flax seed oil. I have no desire to really snack until lunch but if I do I grab veggies (carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes) or gluten free fruit and nut bar to get me by. Then I have a rice and salad from my favorite cafe Garden Street in Rhinebeck but you can make your own at home, which I have with some avocado, brown rice, tomatoes and salad. It will benefit you to make your own salad dressing and keep it on hand by the quart to grab on the go. I grab my go to energy packed glowing green goddess smoothie (gggs) around 330 then a sensible dinner before 7. On occasion, I will have some eggs for breakfast, a piece of bacon or sausage, perhaps a piece of salmon or chicken with lunch but it is not every day and always in very small portions. I saute, steam and roast a lot of veggies for my dinner and keep them in the fridge to grab on the go whenever I am hungry. This diet works for me, do I ever cheat, absolutely but overall I stick to what makes me feel and look my best.

Until you are really ready to climb on board, I do not recommend taking everything out of your diet because it will be too difficult to stick with. Instead, try taking one of the things out above and see how you feel. Think about what you consume most of throughout the day, start a food journal to help you with this. I remember I would snack on foods that were high in sugar to give me the energy I craved. Caffeine was not an option for me since it made me shaky but when I drank decaf I would consume several cups a day with 3-4 sugars, which all adds up over time. I realized my body was working really hard to digest the food I was eating, it was overworked and tired because it was never getting a break. By drinking green smoothies and or juicing, you feel energy for a longer period of time, your getting a vitamin/nutrient packed meal and your body is getting a break from the digestion process. When your body is not working so hard you feel less tired and bloated. With this in mind I said goodbye to my old eating habits and hello to raw food. Did it taste as good...not right away but once I started to see and feel the results from eating raw it drove me to keep eating this way. I started experiencing my body craving more greens and fruit, I found myself reaching for more healthy foods that were making me feel and look amazing. After the first month, I brought some meat and alcohol back into my diet but not in any way it used to be. I very rarely have red meat but I do have fish and chicken once or twice a week. Since my body has become completely satisfied from my smoothies, I have no desire to eat all the bread and baked goods that I used to. I try to make my green smoothies at night and grab them on the go in the morning before I head to the gym five days a week for an hour. Since I have felt more energy, I have worked in a fun variety of physical activities that have taken my work out regimen to the next level. I really enjoy boxing, cross fit, TRX training, cycling, Zumba, yoga and method classes. I noticed even with my kids I have the desire to do more physical activities with them when the weather is nice we are always outside going for walks or running around. The benefits of this diet have been what has driven me to stick with it and continue on this path for so long. Within the first month I started noticing that my health improved, I was experiencing a positive mood change, I gained more energy, I lost an incredible amount of weight, my skin cleared up and I noticed wrinkle lines diminishing from my face, my hair and nails were growing faster and stronger, I had no bloat, which put me right back into my skinny jeans just 6 months after having my third baby! I was glowing and everyone around me took notice. Feeling the glow for yourself is an amazing feat but once other people notice your glow you will start hearing about it where ever you go. It is an amazing feeling!

Over all what I have ultimately learned from this journey is that sometimes you have to go outside of your comfort zone to experience something really great that could be hiding just beneath the surface. You have to really want to find it for yourself and now that I have I want to share it with all of you. Will everyone be on board, no and that is ok but when your really passionate about something keeping it inside is not an easy thing to do especially when your feeling on top of the world!

If you are looking to make a change to your health, stick to it and start drinking one juice or smoothie at a time and sport your glow like I did! Stay tuned for more recipes and inspiration on the go!

Much love and gratitude, Kimberly

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