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Feeling sluggish, depressed, tired and unmotivated? A juice cleanse helps clean out your mind, body and soul. But when should I consider a juice cleanse?

It's important to choose a time to cleanse when they are in a stress free relaxed setting, not while traveling or working. Calming activities such as yoga, walks, massage, meditation, and being one with nature all benefit and enhance the experience of a juice cleanse.


Some of my cleanses contain both juices and smoothies and some are just juices. Please keep in mind when choosing that juices goes directly into the blood stream while smoothies are digested. It's best to choose a cleanse based on your experience with juicing.

For example, the juice and smoothie cleanse Drink Green Eat Raw is for a client who may not be comfortable yet with doing an all juice cleanse and would like to have smoothies, which allow them to continue to get fiber content into their diet that may be important to them. During this cleanse, they are also able to eat a whole food raw diet that can help ease them in and out of the cleanse.

The all juice cleanses that I offer are either all green juice, such as the You Glow Cleanse, or a combo of root veggies and green juices, in the Get Balanced Cleanse, may be the choice of an experienced juicer who is more confident in cleansing and has done them before.

The longer the cleanse, the better; It takes 3 days for the body to detox.  I recommend cleansing for a minimum of 3 days and max of 5-7. All three of the Glow Cleanses come with 6 drinks per day: 5 juices, 1 coco cleanser OR 3 juices, 2 green smoothies, 1 coco cleanser, all 16oz.  Each cleanse is numbered 1-6 with suggested times to drink during the day.


1 juice - 7am or upon rising

2 juice or smoothie - 930am

3 juice - 1130-1230pm

4 juice or smoothie - 230-330pm

5 juice - 530pm

6 coconut cleanser - 7-9pm (drink slowly)

Clients can also create their own cleanses, or I can create one for them by choosing the juices that I think will work best for them after a consultation. First, we make a list of what the client is looking to achieve, what their diet consists of daily, any past experiences with cleansing, and if they plan to do any physical activity during the cleanse. We then, choose a cleanse that fits their needs and review the pre and post cleanse regimen (see below). I take great care in providing my clients with this personal experience to make them feel comfortable before during and after they cleanse.


Glow on the Go requires a minimum of 1 day notice for a Glow Cleanse. We will work with you on delivery or pickup scheduling.

Cleanses can be put in glass ball jars for a one time fee of $1 per jar. If the jars are returned they will not be charged for jars on their next order.  If a client is doing a cleanse for longer than 3 days, and I will pick up (for example) a 5 day all-at-once, then I am able to put the first three days in plastic and the last 2 days in glass ball jars to freeze and defrost the night before drinking with no loss of nutrient content.


Juice cleanses provide a healing, detoxing approach to eating, that cleanse both body and mind, but to reap the benefits of the cleanse beyond its timeframe, one must ease the body into and out of the cleanse. Here are some key steps to help you achieve the greatest results with your cleanse.

Prepping for a Juice Cleanse
Prep at least 3 days before your cleanse to reduce bloat and curb your cravings for sugars and junk foods. You will find it easier to get through a three day juice cleanse without feeling deprived of solids. We also encourage the same process for at least three days after your cleanse, to help your body readjust to solid foods. By following these steps, you will maintain the results of your juice cleanse for weeks to come.

Pre Cleanse Eatings Do's and Don'ts
Foods to eat: Any and all veggies and fruits, nut and seeds. Belly friendly grains such as; buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, gluten free oats and millet, almond flour, coconut flour. Healthy fats such as; coconut oil, flax see oil, olive oil, avocado, flax seed. Any spices, or favorites include; turmeric, ginger, garlic, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, oregano, cilantro, parsley. Of course non dairy milks, coconut milk, almond milk.

Foods to avoid: processed sugars (candy, soda, chocolate and the like), caffeine (switch to herbal tea!), dairy (move to nut milks, or coconut milk), gluten (move to the healthy GF grains listed above), alcohol (I know, sounds impossible, but its only a few days!). If you're a smoker, try to cut down a significant amount. Our general rule here: if it comes in a box or has an ingredient that you can't pronounce don't eat it!

Drink 64oz of water every day and a few glasses of your favorite herbal tea.

What to Ingest During Your Juice Cleanse

Go about your cleanse as directed, if absolutly needed you can help yourself to a snack of raw veggies during the day. Good raw veggies to snack on; celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers.

Try to drink about 64oz of water every day and a few glasses of your favorite herbal tea.

Post Cleanse Eating

Day 1: Introduce raw fruits and veggies. I will typically have a smoothie for breakfast, fruit for a snack, large salad for lunch with olive oil and lemon, raw veggies or a juice for a snack, large salad for dinner with olive oil and lemon.

Day 2: Introduce nuts and gluten free grains: Smoothie for breakfast, apple and almond butter for a snack, salad for with olive oil and lemon for lunch, juice or veggies with humus for a snack, Quinoa for dinner.

Day 3: Follow similar menu and Introduce organic fish and meats at lunch

Continue drinking plenty of water and herbal tea.

Happy Cleansing!! Click to order now or email me to schedule a consultation.

Delivery Options

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