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Juicing is a process that extracts water and essential nutrients from the fruit or vegetable, while discarding the actual fiber. This allows the body to break down and absorb the nutrients quicker, thus allowing the body to consume larger quantities of fruits and vegetables. Juicing can be a healing and detoxifying because it is so nutritionally dense. Your body does not have to do any digestive work in order to extract the nutrients from your juice, as they are absorbed directly into your blood stream.  You can juice any plant that has juice to extract.  Fruits, vegetables and herbs are the most common juice ingredients.

Why Juice?

Naturally healing, juices are best with people who have sensitive or damaged digestive systems or difficulty digesting vegetables due to the fact that removing the fiber allows for the plant nutrients to quickly absorb.Juices are also great for digestive cleanses because your body will not be putting any effort towards digestion, so all that energy can be directed to ridding the body of built up waste and toxins.


Smoothies blend the fibers of fruits and vegetables together, which creates a slower, but more even release of nutrients into the blood stream. The fiber also makes a smoothie more filling than juice. Smoothies are a little more versatile in the ingredients that work well within them.  You can do greens, other veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, superfoods, protein supplements, herbs, spices, really anything that you can dream up you can add to a smoothie!

Why Blend?

A meal on the go, smoothies are substantial, yet won't weigh you down. They're the perfect meal before and after a workout because they're packed full of nutrients. Smoothies are also a great meal after one ends a fast, as it will help to re-introduce your body to solid foods again in a more gradual way than jumping straight into eating would.

Smoothies also are a colon cleanse; it's fiber sweeps through your intestinal tract and binds to toxins, which flushes your digestive system. Smoothies are also a great way for you to introduce raw foods into your diet; one is able to hide less palatable ingredients like dark greens and superfoods with sweeter fruit to make a more complete and nutritious meal.